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Selective Rack


Selective rack is the most popular and the most versatile racking system. It allows access to each pallet position and is the best option for a warehouse with a wide variety of pallet weights and dimensions. We have many different styles and sizes in stock.

Flow Rack


Flow rack is designed for warehouses that need a high turnover system or pallets with expiration dates. It loads from the back dispenses from the front so it's a first in first out system and has more storage space than selective rack.

Push Back Rack


Push back rack is used for warehouses that want to take advantage of all the storage space by having a high density system with a low diversity of pallets. It varies from 2 pallets to 6 pallets deep and is a last in first out system. Pallets are stored on carts and are gravity fed to the front of the rack. As you pull the first one off the next pallet is moving to the front.

Drive-In Rack


Drive-in rack has many of the same advantages as push back and and carton flow. It's a high density system and works best for a warehouse with a low variety of pallets. It allows you to have a first in first out or a first in last out system. The picker has full control of where each pallet is moved.